Why choose in-home petsitting?
Keeping your pets at home is ideal for any dogs who get stressed out at kennels. Oftentimes this includes older dogs, dogs with medical issues, dogs who are not friendly with other dogs, and dogs who don't like a high level of activity. In-home care is also the best choice for nearly all cats, small animals, reptiles, birds, and fish. Additional benefits to in-home care include light house-sitting tasks like getting the mail or watering plants, and giving the appearance that someone is at the house regularly while you're away. For homes with many animals, in-home care when you're away can also be a cost-effective option. 

What is the process for setting up your services?
The best way to get started is to send us an email with the kind of care you're looking for, along with dates if you have them. From there, we'll set up a free meet and greet to meet the animals and discuss your needs in person. You can also call if you have any questions, though scheduling meetings is usually done via email.

How often do you come?
We visit as often as you deem necessary for your animals - you know them better than we do! Generally for dogs we do three visits per day: morning, midday, and night. Some families are more comfortable with a fourth visit (morning, lunch, dinner, night) and some dogs are able to do two visits (morning and night). Cat clients usually have once per day visits, but we also provide twice per day.

Will my dog be walked with other dogs?
No. We provide individual walks for individual families, one house at a time.

Do you stay overnight?
We do not provide overnight services. Many families find that a late night visit and early morning visit are sufficient, but we do have people we can refer you to if you require overnight care.

When is the earliest/latest you come?
Our first visit of the day is 7 a.m. and our last is usually 10 or 10:30 p.m. For dogs, we get all of our early morning visits in before 8:30 a.m. and start our bedtime visits at 8:30 p.m.

Do you service Solon/Oxford/Riverside/Swisher/Williamsburg?
Unfortunately, we are too busy in the main areas of Iowa City, North Liberty, and Coralville to be able to drive that far. We make exceptions for rural clients at times, so you can contact us to see if we can help, but the availability is very limited and we do not service out of town on holidays. 

Do you offer discounts for frequency/senior citizen/military?
We do not offer any discounts at this time.

Do you charge extra for additional animals?
Our per-visit rates include two dogs and two cats. We have an extra animal fee of $1 per animal per visit beyond that. 

Who will be taking care of my animals?
We have an awesome team of 6 walkers: Aaron and Rebecca, the business owners, Michael, Hope, Nikki, James, and Veda. If you are looking at daily dog walks, the same 1-2 people will walk your dog each day. If you are looking at petsitting, your pets will have the opportunity to meet most of our walkers!

Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured by Pet Sitters International. Each walker carries liability insurance that covers medical care for your animal, your personal property, medical care for any person or animal injured by your animal under our care, re-keying in the event of lost keys, and more. 

Do you have references?
Yes! Many! Aaron and Rebecca have been petsitting since 2006 and many of our clients have been with us 5+ years. We are happy to provide references that are relevant to the services you're considering upon request. We are also Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ rating for three years running, and have many 5-star reviews on our Facebook page.